Paquette Consulting

Paquette Consulting - Staffing Services

A full range of staffing services are offered through Paquette Consulting by Brian Beyer available to carry out Federal Public Service recruitment, selection, and appointments; Statements of Qualifications; Selection Standards (Q&A's); Candidate Screening; Candidate Interviews; Candidate Reference Checks; Preparation and Defense Staffing appeals within the Federal Public Service; Staffing Planning; Staffing Strategies; and Guidance and representation as required. Mr. Beyer is certified by the Public Service Commission as a staffing officer and has more than 25 years experience in all aspects of staffing including developing staffing strategies, staffing administration including statements of qualifications, selection standards, screening of candidates and conducting job interviews, and the handling of appeals. These services are available to employers under PWGSCs Professional Services On Line (PS OnLine), or through the TSPS Standing Offer.

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